Monday, September 15, 2008


Me and my Caleb-he was playing house,and this was his outfit!! HA!

This morning was a glorious morning.....sorta.

We started our Fall schedule, and for those of you who know me you know this can be a little difficult for me. My nature is to fly by the seat of my pants, but I do realize the freedom a schedule brigs to our family and how essential it is for a homeschooling family. So, last night my amazingly organized husband created a schedule for every member of our family.

This morning I was sipping my coffee under a blanket reading God's word and just having some special time with Him. Then I hear it.....the sound of little feet. Little feet that should still be sleeping. Even though I don't see the little feet I know who's feet they are...Caleb. He was the last to fall asleep last night, but the first to rise!! You would think that since I'd been up having quiet time with my Lord that my response to my sweet Caleb would be, well......sweet??? I must confess my first thought was something like- How can I tie that boy to his bed?!

Caleb turns the corner and enters the room with the biggest bed head ever. He has this precious smirk, and he is carrying his Bible. He doesn't say a word he just sits next to me and opens his little Bible. My heart melts. He looks my way and in his sweet Caleb voice says " I'm gonna have my quiet time Mama". Preciousness.

I begin to realize that he is only copying his mommy. Now in this situation I love that he is copying my behavior and it was a sweet precious moment, but I couldn't help but wonder what behaviors of mine he is copying that aren't so precious? Ouch.
What behaviors are just second nature to him because he's seen his mama live them out?

God thank you for my sweet Caleb. Would you empower me to be the mama that would point his little heart to yours? Father, when I get it wrong, and I confess sometimes I do, would you help me cling to your grace and forgiveness? Lord, would you let his little heart see and understand the truth that we all get it wrong sometimes, but you have us covered. Oh, and thank you Father for the times I get it right!!


Ashley McWhorter said...

I love reading your posts. Wish you would blog more. :)

Lorren said...

Great post...I'm feeling kind of convicted right now. There are some things I wish my kids wouldn't copy, and some things I wish they would.

whitney said...

So exactly where I am at right now....thank you for your post. These kids model everything - the good and the bad!

MyShannonigan said...

I like reading your stuff...kinda think it is time for an update!