Monday, August 4, 2008

Word of the Day

One of my favorite words right now is BIAPER. Translation in the English language- DIAPER. Caleb started the BIAPER trend and my heart ached when he learned to say it correctly, but now my sweet Tinslee says BIAPER, and I love it. She has been potty-trained for some time now, but still wears a Biaper to bed.

This morning I was alone downstairs sipping my coffee when I heard the approach of the BIAPER. My sweet Tinslee comes down the stairs very quiet,and the only sound I hear is her little feet taking one step at a time, and the swish swish of the BIAPER. She greets me with a sweet morning grin and then runs to jump in my arms. When she runs all I hear is that BIAPER.

I dread the day when our house will have no more BIAPER sounds.

Lord Jesus, Please forgive me for the days I complain about all the BIAPERS. Help me to remember in the chaos the thankfulness my heart feels now.


Lorren said...

That Tinslee is too cute for words. You guys will be saving a car payment when everyone is out of diapers. :)

whitney said...

As much as I am thankful we are completely out of diapers and pull heart aches and prays that one day we will have another one to go through it all again!

Kelly Marler said...

I second that!! I sometimes have a twinge of sadness knowing it is all over, then it goes away because you cannot dwell on that stuff, but one day you will look back as I do and say... one more diaper. Okay maybe not, but you get my drift...enjoy, it really does end one day, but when that door closes another one opens, and with each new stage I find great blessings. I pray strength and peace for you are a stronger women than I. I couldn't make it past two kiddos.